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Bradford Cemetery Association

Chapel FrontThe Edward C. Sawyer Chapel at Upper Plain Cemetery

Bradford Cemetery Association
Annual Report 2023


            The Bradford Cemetery Association has been responsible for the care and maintenance of the Upper Plain Cemetery and the Sawyer Cemetery on Route 5 in Bradford since 1900.  Paul Kingsbury returned this year as the Head Groundskeeper and has done a wonderful job.  Thank you to Gary Tillotson for his many years of service to our Cemeteries.   On opening day, May 1 at the Upper Plain Cemetery, Paul and long-time employee, Kevin Soucy, were picking up debris from a fallen tree, when Kevin suffered a medical emergency to which he succumbed.  Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.  Kevin was very proud of his work for the town and we were lucky to have him.  Thank you to Bradford Fast Squad, Fire Department, Upper Valley Ambulance who responded and to Ashley Griffin at Tranquilities Salon for their assistance.
            This year, a new John Deere X-Mark 2 turn lawn tractor was purchased.  The old John Deere is still in use and has proven to be very useful.  Due to the rainy summer, it was very hard to keep up with the mowing and trimming.  Richard Olmstead was hired as groundskeeper to assist Paul.  A total of nine burials (three full and six cremations) were completed this year.  Total hours at Sawyer Cemetery were 364 hours and 778 hours at Upper Plain.  In addition to mowing and trimming, many sinkholes were filled and seeded.  Several graves were straightened and many more need special attention. 
           A late summer storm knocked down a large tree on the on south property line.  The Association, adjacent property owner and the Town of Bradford have all been reluctant to accept financial responsibility for the clean-up.  Thompson Tree Service has estimated $4500 to take down three additional dead trees and clean up the mess.  We are appealing to the Bradford Selectboard to use remaining ARPA funds for this necessary work before any damage is done to the graves in that area. 
            We say goodbye to Richard Olmstead who left us on November 21 for full-time, benefited employment.   We are very happy that Paul Kingsbury will be returning in the spring as our Head Groundskeeper.

Michael Polli, President
Carole Taylor, Treasurer
Linda Moore, Assistant Treasurer
Meroa Benjamin, Secretary
Anthony Brainerd
Gregory Hodge