One Community for our Children

Our school districts come together for the purpose of providing equal educational opportunity for children of the supervisory union in the most effective and efficient way possible.
The Orange East Supervisory Union (OESU), located in the beautiful Upper Valley of the Connecticut River.  It Comprises six schools and a technical center serving over 1,400 pupils in grades pre-K through twelve.  Our schools proudly serve the towns of Bradford, Newbury, Corinth, Thetford, and Topsham, and we are represented on each school’s board of directors.  In addition, each school board sends three representatives to the Orange East Supervisory Union board of directors, which meets monthly to conduct the business of providing leadership and support to schools for the purpose of improving educational outcomes to our students.

Oxbow High School
36 Oxbow Drive
Bradford, VT 05033
Principal:  Doug Harris
Dean of Students:  Joseph Donarum

River Bend Career & Technical Center
36 Oxbow Drive
Bradford, VT 05033
Interim Director:  Bob St Pierre
Interim Assistant Director:  Brian Emerson

Bradford Elementary School
143 Fairground Road
Bradford, VT 05033
Principal:  Matthew Brankman

Newbury Elementary School
214 Pulaski Street
P.O. Box 68
Newbury, VT 05051
Principal:  Chance Lindsley

Thetford Elementary School
2689 Route 113
P.O. Box 182
Thetford, VT 05074
Interim Principal:  Kevin Petrone

Waits River Valley School
6 Waits River Valley Road
East Corinth, VT 05040
Principal:  Carlotta Simonds-Perantoni