Selected active and upcoming projects

Project name Contact Description
Town building audit/upgrades Nancy Jones The committee is currently investigating options for upgrading heating, ventilation, and lighting at Bradford Academy, the fire station, and the wastewater treatment facility.
ButtonUp 23 Tom McBride BEC will support Efficiency Vermont’s annual winter preparedness campaign, helping to disseminate information on energy conservation, home insulation, rebates, loans etc.
Bradford Energy Committee Web page Tom McBride Bradford Energy Committee will be expanding content to include informational posts and links.
Window Dressers Susanna Lewis Planning is underway for a second Bradford community WindowDressers workshop (to build interior window inserts) this Fall.
EV showcase event and Ambassador program creation Nancy Jones New Charging Stations are coming to the Denny Park parking lot in the Summer of ’23.  An EV Showcase/Ambassador event will celebrate the occasion.
Municipal Enhanced Energy Status Stu Ross Act 174 certification.
Opportunities for Solar Development Ed Wendell  Explore private, commercial, community development.
Renewable heating education/demos – heat pumps, advanced wood heating, etc. Tom Periodic community outreach.
Annual Report: Energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions for all municipal buildings, street lights, and vehicles Data gathered in an ongoing fashion with an annual summary.