Town of Bradford

Highway Position


The Town of Bradford is currently searching for a full-time highway worker.  The highway position requires a person to operate heavy equipment and be available at all times during the winter months.  The position also requires a person to maintain a valid medical card and CDL. A full job description is available at the Bradford Town Office or can be requested by email.


The successful candidate will report regularly to the Bradford Highway Foreman. Prior to hiring, the Town of Bradford may conduct a criminal background check on applicants.   Applications can be found at the Bradford Town Office (172 North Main Street) or online at Questions please call: 802-222-4727 extension: 204 or email

Please mail application and resume to:

Town of Bradford

ATTN: Job Opening- Highway

P.O. Box 339

Bradford, VT 05033


Phil Page, Highway Foreman
Highway Garage: 802-222-5718
Main Office: 802-222-4727

Road Commissioners: Daniel A. Perry III and Carole Taylor

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Goshen Road Sidewalk Presentation (click here): Final_OxbowScopingStudy_April2021.pdf

Highway Department Ordinances and Permits:

ATV Ordinance
Standards for Residential & Commercial Drives B-71
Highway Permit
Mailbox and Newspaper Delivery Ordinance
Traffic Ordinance- May 2022
Outdoor Storage of Junk and Junk Vehicles Ordinance

corrections to traffic ordinance 5-8-15