The Copeland Properties Site Plan Review hearing occurred on April 30th at 7pm.  Attending the hearing was only available on zoom via online or phone:
Meeting ID: 551 740 5033
Dial by phone
+1 646 558 8656 US
Meeting ID: 551 740 5033

Anyone who wished could also submit an email to (Marcey Carver, Chair of the Planning Commission) or mail submission to Bradford Planning Commission, PO Box 339, Bradford, VT 05033.  To be included in the hearing, you must include your full name and email or mailing address.


Decision:  Copeland Prop Decision 05/05/20


Warning:  copeland site plan 043020 warning


Application Documents:

  1. Copeland Parking Lot non-renewal letter
  2. Copeland Parking Lease with Town
  3. 2020-004 Copeland OESU site plan permit application


Site Photos (no group Site Visit is permissible at this time):


Copeland Placed Boundary Stake and associated views:


Views of Copeland Property: