Lund Historic District Review Hearing occurred on April 8, 2020 via Zoom at 7pm.

Minutes of Lund Hearing:  Lund Historic District Minutes 040820

Decision of Lund Hearing:  Lund Historic District Decision 040820


Subsequent activities/information/documents for this decision are found on  page:

Lund Historic District Post Decision




Warning:   Lund historic district review warning

Application Materials:Lund Historic District Permit Application 032020

Site Photos: Lund Photo 1 Lund Photo 1                             Lund Photo 7 


Lund Photo 2                              Lund Photo 8  

Lund Photo 3                              Lund Photo 9    

Lund Photo 4                              Lund Photo 10

Lund Photo 5                                Lund Photo 11

Lund Photo 6                                 Lund Photo 12