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Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator

The Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator (IREC) Program provides Energy Coordinator services to six participating Two Rivers-Ottaquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) towns which, with Bradford, include  Sharon, Norwich, Strafford, Thetford, and Woodstock. The Energy Coordinator works closely with these towns according to their adopted energy plan.  IREC services to Bradford over the last few years have been to  bring in grant dollars for energy efficiency projects, to help procure and manage energy audits, facilitating the acquisition of EV charging stations, and helping the town track energy usage. Nancy Jones represents Bradford on the IREC steering committee, and is our commission's liaison to the Energy Coordinator.

  • Energy Coordinator support of Climate and Energy Commission projects
    • Organizing energy audits of public buildings and facilitating solutions
    • Advising on EV charging and grant applications for light and heavy vehicles (incl. school buses)
    • Providing advice on community solar projects
    • Providing advice on energy upgrades, such as HVAC, for residential and commercial buildings
    • Being a “connected” resource that can advise on grant funding 
    • Helping us assess often conflicting, and changing information about government programs
    • Facilitating the exchange of ideas between neighboring towns who are participating in IREC
  • IREC Energy Coordinator accomplishments 2021-2023
    • Facilitated and energy audit of the Bradford Academy building, Fire Station, and Wastewater treatment facility to help reduce costs and GHG emissions (included lighting, heating and ventilation, and controls upgrades)
    • Developed a town Green Procurement Policy that was adopted as an MOU by Bradford. In reviewing Bradford’s energy expenses per this MOU, found an approximate $10,000 mistake in the electric bill from Norwich Electric (in the town’s favor)
    • Supported OESU’s grant application to the U.S. EPA’s Clean School Bus Program to cover the cost of all-electric school buses and their charging requirements. While unsuccessful in the 1st round, four more rounds are upcoming.
    • Along with the IREC Steering Committee, developed an IREC Climate Action Plan (CAP) to help IREC communities reach their energy and climate goals.