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Scoping Study for Creamery Road

The Planning Commission, with approval (3-2) of the Selectboard, applied for a Scoping Grant through the Alternative Transportation Program to examine ways to improve the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians accessing the Park and Ride from the village.

The Planning Commission became aware of the challenges of walking along this road as well as the active use of this road by pedestrians from Phil Page, Town Road Foreman.  As part of an extensive Sidewalk Study Update which the Bike/Ped Subcommittee (of the Planning Commission) has conducted over the last year or so, this area required a scoping study before any engineering study or proposal to construct improvements  In conducting the sidewalk study, the Bike/Ped Subcommittee also observed children riding bikes along the road and up the former Plateau Acres access.  In the summer, the Bridge is often used as a jumping off point for swimming in the Waits River.

A similar type study was conducted several years ago to see about providing safe pedestrian access from Bradford Elementary School to Low Forest.  The Low Forest Committee of Bradford Elementary School oversaw this grant and the school provided the matching funds but this was done through the town.  Several options were identified and an in depth analysis was presented to the Selectboard.  At the time, the Selectboard felt that there was no access that the town was willing to undertake due to cost, feasibility and ongoing maintenance.


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