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Sign Ordinance Draft

At the request of the Selectboard, the Planning Commission has drafted an updated Sign Ordinance.

The current sign ordinance:  Bradford Sign Ordinance (2017)

The Sign Ordinance Draft as of May 8 2024:  Sign Ordinance PC Ver 1 (050824)

We reviewed numerous sign ordinances in other communities, examined existing signage in town and held many discussions as we worked through the preparation of this document.
We provided explicit standards for permitted, exempted and prohibited signs.
We made enforcement actionable by the Sign Officer.  
We updated the districts to conform to our current Zoning Bylaws.
We made facade signs where permitted, more flexible and eliminated the need for complicated math calculations.
We made changes to the Lower Plain to bring it more in compliance with what the community has clearly and repeatedly expressed as their desire for this district:  an extension of our historic downtown.  The community has indicated that the strip mall/box store look with large signs on high poles is not desirable.
We created a Sign Officer who most likely would be the Zoning Administrator.  This Sign Officer has oversight on the approval and enforcement of this ordinance.  
Appeals would be handled by the Development Review Board rather than the Selectboard.  However their jurisdiction would be limited and their involvement infrequent.  
Once a revised sign ordinance is adopted, the next step in the ordinance is to incorporate it in a revised Unified Zoning and Subdivision Bylaw.  The Planning Commission has begun work on this and anticipated a draft will be provided in the next 6-9 months.
This Sign Ordinance draft is being shared with the Selectboard and the Zoning Administrator.  The Planning Commission, with the support of the Selectboard, plans to reach out to the business community to share this revised ordinance and solicit feedback.
We ask that the sign ordinance draft be on the Selectboard Agenda in June for more in depth discussion and feedback.