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Climate and Energy Commission Projects



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Town Building Energy Audits
Bradford Academy Upgrades

Ed Wendell
Tom McBride
Harry Falconer, IREC
With IREC, the commission is currently investigating options for upgrading the energy efficiency of municipal buildings. In December of 2023, a detailed energy assessment of the Bradford Academy was performed. The audit was a preliminary step toward applying for a $500,000 MERP grant opportunity through the State of Vermont.  If awarded, much- needed improvements in the BA's energy efficiency can be realized.

WindowDressers Program
Our 2023 Community Workshop

Susanna Lewis

We are planning a third community WindowDressers  workshop.  This offers residents in Bradford and surrounding towns a way to reduce home heating costs with DIY interior storm windows. It's not too early to sign up for next winter!  All you need to know is here.

EV chargers at Denny Park

Nancy Jones

New EV fast-charging stations have been installed in the Denny Park parking lot, at no cost to the town.   An EV showcase event will celebrate the occasion May 5th! 

Opportunities for Solar Development

Ed Wendell

Explore private, commercial, community development. 

Annual Town Energy Use Report

Tom McBride
Harry Falconer, IREC

Harry Falconer (IREC) is compiling data on municipal buildings, streetlights, and vehicles for entry into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. To help these results  drive improvement, the Climate and Energy Commission plans to provide a digest of annual data along with year-over-year trends. The annual report will be available on the website for easy access.  

Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator  Program

Nancy Jones

The Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator (IREC) Program provides Energy Coordinator services to participating towns through the Two Rivers Ottaquechee Regional Commission (TRORC).  Harry Falconer, the current Energy Coordinator is hired by Bradford, Sharon, Norwich, Thetford and Strafford, to help each town achieve its adopted energy plan.  Over the last few years benefits to Bradford include bringing in grant dollars for energy efficiency projects, helping to procure and manage energy audits, facilitating the acquisition of EV charging stations, and helping the town to track energy usage. Nancy Jones of the BCEC represents Bradford on the IREC steering committee.

 Renewable heating education/demos – heat pumps, advanced wood heating, etc.

Tom McBride

Periodic community outreach.

Button Up

Tom McBride

The BCEC sponsors participation of Bradford in Efficiency Vermont’s annual winter preparedness campaign, helping to disseminate information on energy conservation, home insulation, rebates, loans etc.

Support forest land preservation by the Bradford Conservation Commission

Nancy Jones

Trees extract carbon from the atmosphere and deposit it into the ground.  They also act like sponges that absorb snow melt and rain water and slow its flow across the land, thus they help to prevent flooding.