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Fees for Zoning, Subdivision and Sign Permits

Town of Bradford

New Zoning Fees as of June 1, 2023

Non-dwelling accessory structures 126 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft                   $55.00
Non-dwelling accessory structures over 501 sq. feet $90.00
Residences/ Additions (minimum $100) $0.15 sq. ft.
Commercial Structures (minimum of $150) $0.20 sq. ft.
Change of Use permit $75.00
Home Occupation $55.00
Home Business $75.00
Quarrying, sand/ gravel /soil extraction $300.00
Sign Permit   $55.00
Amend Development Permit $25.00
Historic District Changes $75.00
Occupancy Permit $50.00
Any Review by DRB* (includes site plan, change of use, conditional  
Use, subdivision (add $25.00 for each new lot created), home
business, variance, waiver, historic district, etc. 
Recording fee for each permit 
(*This review fee is addition to the fee for the zoning permit)
Late Filing Fee  $100.00
If a Second Late Notice is sent  $200.00
If a Third Late Notice is sent (At least 14 days after second notice is mailed) $300.00
If a Fourth Late Notice is sent by certified mail it may be a recordable  
Notice of Violation (At least14 days after third notice is mailed  
If problem corrected within 7-day allowance period)   $400.00
Otherwise, fines may accrue up to $100 per day.