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Our New website is launched!

     Finally, the time has come for our new Bradford Vermont web site to Go Live!

     This process started way back in July 2021 when the Selectboard invited the Vermont Council on Rural Development to visit Bradford and provide leadership for residents to identify current resources and project what the future might need for all residents of Bradford.  The process, called "Moving Forward Together" identified many areas where additional help and direction was needed, however, we also identified the things we do well and should be proud of. 

One word come through loud and clear.  COMMUNICATIONS. 
     In September 2021, Bradford was notified that we would be receiving over $807,000 in American Recovery Payment Act (ARPA) federal funds to help our town rebound from COVID-19 pandemic event.  The guidelines included:  1. Support public health expenditures.  2. Address negative economic impacts due to pandemic.  3. Replace lost public sector revenue.  4. Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.  A public meeting was held in October 2021 to generate ideas.  High on the list of both of these processes was COMMUNCIATIONS.
   The Selectboard decided the number one priority for ARPA funding was to upgrade our internet presence with an improved website where information could be posted, updated and keep up to date.  SB Member Meroa Benjamin created a sub-committee who was charged with identifying our needs and procuring a company that could deliver a useable website.  Sub Committee Chairman Marcey Carver led members:  Paul Hunt, Lisa Trumaine, Jared Pendak, Charen Fegard, and Cindy Blakeslee through the process.  The committee put out a Request for Bids, reviewed over 20 proposals and recommended three providers.   Following the recommendations of the sub-committee, the Board chose REVIZE.

  Local resident and professional technical illustrator and editor Lisa Trumaine was contracted to lead the transition.  After four months of meetings, trainings, many phone calls and testing, we are ready to GO LIVE.  Please be patient as we work together to bring this wonderful project full circle.